Vitiligo Surgery Unit

The vitiligo surgery unit started offering its services to patients with stable vitiligo since February 2013 using the most up to date technique of autologous melanocyte–keratinocytes suspension transplantation.  A total of 30 cases (24 cases of acrofacial, 5 cases of segmental & 1 case focal vitiligo) were treated over 57 working sessions with promising results.

We are proud to offer hope for patients with resistant acrofacial and segmental vitiligo as well as produce high quality research in the field of surgical management of vitiligo. 

Members of Vitiligo Surgery unit (Academic years 2012-2014)

Tuesday/ Wednesdays

Sundays / Mondays

Prof. Bakr El-Zawahry

Dr. Dalia Bassiouny

Dr. Rehab Hegazy

Dr. Nesreen Samir 

Dr. Heba Gawdat

Dr. Selwan El Samadouny

Prof. Samia Esmat

Dr. Dalia Abdelhalim

Dr. Marwa Adly

Dr. Marwa safwat

Dr. Marwa el-Meseidy